Election Campaigns

Labour deputy leader says Theresa May's authority is 'undermined'
Tom Watson has said Theresa May’s authority “has been undermined” by the general election result, which looks set to leave
Five Things You Need To Know As You Go To The Polls
1. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE The polls opened at 7am and the airwaves have been a politics-free zone, in keeping with strict broadcasting
Former Lib Dem leader speaks to HuffPost UK about why 'clueless' Theresa May will win.
Less than five minutes out of London St Pancras, a tree has fallen on the line and is threatening to delay Nick Clegg’s journey
Five Things You Need To Know About The Election Today
1. YAH, WOBBLE   Less than a week to go now, folks. The general election caravan moves to York tonight for the BBC Question
Tory candidates are “fucked off” with Theresa May for running a campaign that has “shattered” confidence in her ability to