Election Day

The president concluded his re-election campaign with a pledge to not count lawful votes.
The president finished with a pledge to not count lawful votes, attacks on the country’s Covid expert and praise for a treasonous Confederate general.
Shadow chancellor signals tactical voting can help as he warns polling day is last chance to save the NHS and the planet.
The Labour leader and prime minister will go head-to-head, one week before polling day.
Prime minister has been accused of "running scared" by Labour after Jeremy Corbyn endured a bruising interview with the veteran broadcaster.
With a lack of enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton but a strong distrust for Donald Trump, millennials in the US face a difficult choice of who to vote for in November. Millennials, categorised as young people aged 18-34 are increasingly less likely to vote for Hillary Clinton despite her credentials as a progressive and experienced candidate...
Now Election Day is upon us, many of us are making our final decision about who we will vote for. We may have had to wait
As a member of parliament for Bolsover in Derbyshire since 1970, Dennis Skinner - the man once dubbed The Beast of Bolsover - continues to hold fast to his socialist ideals, while his presence in the House of Commons serves as a reminder of the need for more open political debate.