Election Results

The United Kingdom is the only democracy in Europe to use First Past the Post (FPTP) to elect its MPs
When this meaningful vote comes around, No Brexit should be on the table of options
A Trump-backed Republican has lost in one of the most Republican states in the country.
More than 90% of black men and women voted for Jones, while big majorities of white men and women - 74% and 65% respectively
Ballot closed at noon Friday, after weeks of acrimony.
The fractious Scottish Labour leadership election has ended with leftwinger Richard Leonard’s campaign playing down his chances
'Churchill was actually pro-PR so let’s make sure our facts are right.'
Green MP Caroline Lucas had to set a Tory MP straight after he falsely claimed Winston Churchill was against electoral reform
'The vast majority of votes are going to waste, with millions still stuck in the electoral black hole of winner-takes-all.'
Jeremy Corbyn could be Prime Minister if the UK had ditched first-past-the-post (FPTP) and introduced the same electoral
Labour NEC member and veteran Corbyn supporter asks 'why didn’t people see that change was coming?'.
Labour MPs who tried to oust Jeremy Corbyn now realise they “owe” their place in the Commons to him and the party members
Grassroots group quietly gaining ground in local CLPs.
The grassroots campaign group Momentum is building on Jeremy Corbyn’s general election “surge” by taking control of local
Controlling immigration should take a back seat to protecting jobs and the economy when the government thrashes out a Brexit
Fresh bid to clip Tom Watson's wings too.
Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters are seeking to stamp his authority on Labour with a “purge” of the party’s HQ and a fresh move