The collapse in the Lib Dem vote is therefore most likely to benefit the Labour party and make a Parliamentary majority for Cameron's Conservatives even more of a stretch, though Lib Dem defections alone would probably not deliver Labour a majority.
The Tories have not given up hope of securing boundary changes that could boost their chances of victory in the next general
There may come a time when Cameron is a liability and needs replacing. Historically, the Tories have been good at regicide, as Edward Heath, Margaret Thatcher and Iain Duncan Smith discovered.
A latest poll just published revealed that the Conservatives have suffered a double digit loss of public support since the March budget announcement. Labour is now seen as the most competent of the three main parties for the first time since the coalition began.
William Hague has hailed an historic moment for Egypt tonight after Mohammed Morsi was elected president. The Foreign Secretary
Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood party has been named as the first democratically elected president of Egypt. Huge
Focusing on London policy, as a middle income earner, I myself would welcome an extra £1000 over four years saved if transport prices are lowered under Ken.
The merits of Obamacare, how to fix the economy, taxing the super rich, cutting the deficit, balancing the budget. Let's face it does anyone really listen to what the candidates are saying on these issues anymore? The Republicans hate Obama but right now they hate each other too and without a front runner, all of the candidates and issues are just turning into one homogenous political advert of bitterness and hate.
Ken might have a Marmite effect on many in the London electorate, but I've never heard of any politician giving change after an election so may the best man win in May - it's going to be a close one.
David Cameron and Ed Miliband should refuse to meet David Laws, Nick Clegg's nominee to lead all-party talks on political