Elections 2014

Rather than leading a race to the bottom of the dungheap, elected leaders like Sen. Sanborn should be setting an example of integrity and respect for our youth. If he cannot meet the standard of student conduct prescribed by the very schools he represents, is he fit to serve in public office?
I grew up in a country where people with abilities don't have authority and people with authority don't have abilities. And now, just a week before parliamentary elections in Ukraine, I can say that it still remains this way.
Whatever the future holds, Zuluaga's loss in the elections means hope for peace. But Santos needs to prove himelf a real leader with principles to achieve this. Otherwise he is just another leader taking advantage of his people.
There is always someone who, around that time on Christmas Day night when you're so drunk you are already hungover, decides
SYRIZA was originally founded as a coalition of left-wing and radical left parties, and is currently led by Alexis Tsipras
Prince Charles, Prince of Wales talks to Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary fund, before
Pope Francis stands alongside Israeli President Shimon Peres and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Hall of
UKIP is not a protest party or indeed an anti-establishment beachhead, it is simply a zany sibling of the two political wings of neoliberal rule. As a result, UKIP will not offer working class voters substantive answers to contemporary dilemmas.
I can't help but think that local councils are missing a trick here. In our technology-driven world where we manage much of our lives online, from personal finances to doing our shopping, surely it would make sense to introduce the option of being able to vote online?
UKIP Leader Nigel Farage gives a media interview before leaving his home in Cudham, Kent, following yesterdays voting in