Elections 2014

Hardly a day goes by without the rise in the popularity of UKIP featuring somewhere in the news. Generally it revolves around some outrageous comment one of their candidates or elected members have made and the warranted condemnations that inevitably follows.
The elections for the European Parliament are round the corner and those of us who will turn up to vote anywhere in Europe are faced with a multiplicity of choices. Who to vote for?
Farage himself predicted an "earthquake" while other prominent right wingers envisage "the liberation from the European elite, the monster in Brussels". So are they correct? Their success would certainly send a shockwave across the continent but are we really about to find ourselves at the mercy of the most anti-EU, combatively euro-sceptic European Parliament to date? No.
In the past, political culture in India has consisted of deep-rooted and enduring orientations. Movements that mobilized identities have, on occasion, established themselves as national movements, often through electoral mobilization. Yet the AAP represents a shift to movements that engage the state directly.
I'm 21 now, 22 in a matter of weeks, and I've already started on ticking things off of my list. I'm so glad to have all these goals. What started as a mere exercise in positive thinking is something that is going to continue steering me towards happiness and rich experiences.
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