Elections 2019

With the two leading parties in this election marred by allegations of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, we take a look at the role that religion is playing in the 2019 General Election.
The two lesser-known faces at the edge of Modi's photo with Ranveer Singh and others hold the key to BJP’s Bollywood outreach campaign.
'Part of the reason for the crisis is the ANC’s failure to tackle the exclusion of millions from the mainstream economy,' says Professor Steven Friedman.
But a nine-word text message could pose problems for the Cape Town mayor.
Political parties in South Africa are clearly struggling to cope with the delicate demands and dilemmas of coalition politics.
Like the ANC, the DA will continue to suffer the pain of self-inflicted injuries — and this will be proved in the coming elections.
"If we had Cyril Ramaphosa or someone like him taking the baton from Mbeki in 2009, we would undoubtedly have been in a much better place with a very different national discourse today."
The German ambassador to South Africa on coalitions, appropriate footwear and political laws of gravity.
The numbers may not be showing it yet, but the DA is going to have to fight to keep Cape Town.
The jury is out on whether the DA can be trusted to lead the crucial phase of our struggle for economic emancipation.