Electric vehicles

The Government's latest Air Quality Plan is flawed in so many ways that it will be impossible to implement and a clear investment
To save lives, but also to put London at the forefront of a clean vehicle revolution and spare its air pollution shame, the Mayor of London needs to introduce a ban on the dirtiest vehicles being used in the capital.
The Government has made a positive start in improving air quality and encouraging green alternatives. But it needs to be more ambitious. It should drive forward this agenda whatever the outcome of the court case.
Hydrogen fuel cell automobiles have been slow to make it from testing to the retail market with heated disagreements as to
The first manned hoverbike, Flike has taken flight in an airfield in Hungary and it could be changing the way we commute
Everyone is investing in batteries for electric cars, from NASA to Apple. Oh, and the government. The UK will launch a £10
This is the Gogoro Smartscooter, it looks unlike any scooter you've seen and it works unlike any scooter you've seen. It's
Can we take the boundary between these two energy carriers for granted? Although the division appears clear and logical at the moment, history shows that nothing can be taken for granted. When oil was first produced, it was not to fuel the internal combustion engine.
When I was a student engineer I wanted to build my own road car. I planned out how much it would cost, where I would buy parts, what would I use as a donor vehicle, how would I manufacture the bodywork and most importantly: what engine would I use? I didn't want to make just another kit car, it had to be scalable, and with my own engine.
I'm in the Lake District for a few days... which often happens as a connoisseur of fine landscapes and excellent walking. But this trip is a little different. Sure, there have been a few walks, one of which I filmed, and I have caught up on my latest landscape viewing, but really I'm here now for a different purpose.