Electro Velvet

The launch itself was a pretty tough affair. There you are proudly showing off your music video and telling them you're representing your country at Eurovision, and at the same time your phone is beeping whilst someone is wishing you dead on Twitter. I'd be lying if I said the mixed reaction didn't hurt.
A quick check of the scoreboard revealed that the UK had climbed to five points, not that anyone cared. It was all about Sweden vs. Putin. Astonishingly, Cyprus gave Greece eight points instead of the customary 12. What the hell was happening?
The UK's Eurovision Song Contest entry, Electro Velvet, have admitted they are pretty downbeat about limping home in Vienna
Hot favourite Sweden has emerged the winner of this year's Eurovision Song Contest, after an incredibly tight contest that
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As easy as it is to be snarky about Eurovision, there is a lot of genuinely well-crafted pop going on there too, so we at Popbitch decided to afford it the respect that such effort deserves. We analysed hundreds and hundreds of Eurovision entries since 2000 to see if there is any sort of scientific formula for success...
This year's UK Eurovision Song Contest entry Electro Velvet claim they're not frightened of going home with a humiliating
There are just weeks to go until this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, but one person who probably won’t be tuning in to watch