Rowing has long been considered the sport of privately-educated children and has often been dubbed "elitist" - just look
The swimmer who brought the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race to a dramatic halt exchanged his wetsuit for more formal attire when
There's been a lot said the last few days about Trenton Oldfield's Mid-Thames paddle at the Oxford Cambridge boat race last weekend. Well I say there's been a lot said; really very little has been said, but it's been repeated with slightly different words under a number of different banners.
As Anonymous add Operation Cannabis to their ever growing list of campaigns is it time to unmask the internet vigilantes before they become the elite they're fighting against?
That 'great lie' is Oxbridge's biggest secret. Sure there may be more contact hours or a heavier workload than other universities but that's not what sets them apart. Intelligent, motivated people will continue to do well wherever they find themselves and to pretend that Oxford and Cambridge are the only institutions full of great talent is at best naïve and at worst the product of an appalling kind of prejudice.
With an increasing number of people calling for change, it is an irrefutable fact that Mr Hunt's support for unpaid internships only diminishes attempts at reducing the disparity between elitism and equality. When will these people be called out for the exploitation they so openly support?
What it does not need is a doubling in size of Oxford and Cambridge and the assumption that with Oxbridge values more widely assimilated, all will be for the best in this best of all possible worlds.