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Elon Musk says he can create the hand gesture technology from the Iron Man movies.
On top of the launch pad being battled over by By Billionaires Elon Musk And Jeff Bezos, Nasa has also begun to sell off
There were animations, drawings and lots and lots of hype but one thing missing from Elon Musk's unveiling of the Hyperloop
Jetpacks. Flying cars. Hotels on the moon. Dinner in pill form. The reality of life in the early 21st Century is crushingly different to the optimistic predictions of the 1950s. But the idea of mind-blowing hyper-fast travel is something that could actually happen.
Billionaire inventor Elon Musk has finally unveiled the plans for his "fifth mode of transport", the futuristic 'Hyperloop
Musk's latest fixation - and the subject of an upcoming announcement on the 12th of August - is what he has dubbed the Hyperloop. Capable of travelling at 800 MPH and covering the distance between Los Angeles to San Francisco in half an hour, most are speculating that the design will be powered by solar energy.
If you were a billionaire with money to burn what would you buy? How about Nasa's space shuttle launchpad? Two billionaires
The billionaire inventor, investor and futurist Elon Musk is set to unveil his detailed proposals for a 4,000mph 'mega train
Space Expedition Corporation has unveiled the spacecraft it hopes will take tourists to the edge of our atmosphere from 2014
This pretty awesome display of pyrotechnics is the latest in the successful testing of Space X's reusable Falcon 9 rocket