The first thing we do when we wake up is to check our emails. The last we do before going to bed is to check our emails. In the middle of the night we check our emails. Yes, sleep checking is the 21st century's sleep walking. Funny how you don't remember responding to that particular call to action. Sorry, but it's too late now. T
A secret deal struck between party leaders fast-tracking legislation to allow police and MI5 to access your mobile and internet
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Universities are considering monitoring students' private emails for "negative comments" to judge if they are at risk of
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My concern is not about the rights of official bodies having access to this information. Rather it is the ability of these organizations to hold such vast amounts of data securely coupled with the idea that a Draft Communications Bill can be written without any real consideration around the practicalities of its implementation.
Businesses looking to boost website traffic have named having live chat windows as their favourite application. Statistics
Security company G4S was warned against arming a security guard who killed two of his colleagues in Iraq, a BBC investigation