Emerging Icons

Last week Damon Albarn finished performing at his own gig following the launch of his first solo album Everyday Robots and decided to join in the fun by singing a version of Parklife with these two naughty scamps. In this special case - their performance was filmed on an iPhone and the footage, as you would imagine, ended up on YouTube.
Kieran Daly- Between Two Minds As he made his third appearance on the 'Westfield Presents Emerging Icons' stage last weekend
Once again we've rounded up a handful of the freshest talent to have made it onto our new music radar in the past week.
September's already looking bloody splendid for those of you who love a good gig- which means pretty much all of you reading
Gig calendars at the ready? Nice work. We've got five awesome Emerging Icons gigs to tell you about, and you're gonna want
Next week's live music diary is absolutely chocker with amazing sets from our utterly awesome acts. We've been scouting through
The effing gorgeous Ilona is set to take to the stage at the hottest of all the new music hotbeds in all of South London.
If you love new music and enjoy it live and loud, Emerging Icons is the best place for you to come. Each week we let you
Allow us to introduce you to some of the finest fresh talent you'll find on the whole of Emerging Icons. This lot have the songwriting ability to really go far- so you'll probably want to make yourselves acquainted before everyone else starts blabbing on about them.
The glorious Bank Holiday Weekend has put us in a very good mood indeed. Long, lazy days and hopefully plentiful sunshine spoilt us... and we had the perfect soundtrack to our beautiful break.