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And she's also revealed who she'd want to star opposite.
Emilia Fox has revealed her desire to appear in the ‘James Bond’ franchise, ahead of the 26th film in the series. The ‘Silent
Stephen Fry speaks words from an atmospheric Shakespeare sonnet, to show his love this Valentine's Day. Standing on a roof
Not all theatre can be challenging and innovative. Certainly Rapture, Blister, Burn - a play about gender politics - is neither of these but there is plenty to enjoy in this charming comedy.
Enter stage left Gina, a playwright whose brainchild Rapture, Blister, Burn previewed this week at the Hampstead Theatre, and, under the umbrella of the 'can women have it all' debate, simultaneously discussed housewifery, porn, casual sex, families, feminism, marriage, careers, submission, and everything in between.
If it feels almost impossible to turn on your telly without a Fox appearing on screen, bear in mind this is only the latest