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Whilst the only chance hardly any of us will ever get of flying first class will be if we’re lucky enough to get an upgrade
Having seen a lot of coverage in the press about the Football Association's decision to agree a sponsorship deal with Emirates Airlines, I thought I'd chip in with my thoughts.
Want to work around the world and base yourself in a sunny, fun-filled city? Flying with Emirates could be the ideal career
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The world's biggest brands should all pull out of their relationships with FIFA at the same time, complete with the knowledge that every single football fan - and pretty much every other consumer too - will hail them as heroes. Let their competitors take their place, let them spend billions propping up one of the world's most loathed institutions and face the opprobrium of customers whose sense of right and wrong will have been heightened by a mass walk-out.
Boris Johnson made what critics branded a rather "strange" admission when he admitted to not getting the point of a London
Emirates, the world's largest airline, has confirmed it is in talks with Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou's low-cost African airline
Rising aviation superpower Emirates has secured a new partnership with struggling airline Qantas, following the termination
The UK's first urban cable car service, spanning the River Thames in London, opens to the public on Thursday. The crossing