Emmanuel Adebayor

It's been fairly easy to tell when there's a transfer window coming up over the last year or two - just keep an eye out for the slew of people crawling out of the woodwork to have a go at Emmanuel Adebayor. The Togolese striker should, by rights, be one of the top free agents that Premier League teams are looking to pick up this January...
Whatever happens next, wherever he goes, whatever he does, Emmanuel Adebayor deserves respect. To have gone through his career, with detractors and personal issues at every step and still have made a success of it? He might just be one of the strongest people in English football, and it's time to start treating him like it.
Out-of-favour Tottenham striker Emmanuel Adebayor has taken to Facebook to help other 'African families to learn' from his
Some fans may not even consider this a good thing, but on the basis of his performance at Old Trafford, Harry Kane is in desperate need of a breather and with Roberto Soldado currently injured, Adebayor's opportunity to redeem himself is now.
Tempting though it is, Pochettino needs to resist the urge to play Kane in a deeper role when either Adebayor or Soldado play up front. Instead he needs to be rested, either on the bench, in case of emergencies, or at home with his feet up.
What is it about Emmanuel Adebayor? He came on after an hour of Saturday's game with Sunderland and was greeted by boos from the home fans. Not all of them, but enough for the sound to be audible to everyone present.
Where did it all go right? How does a team that was pitiful in losing at home to Stoke City on 9 November became one capable of sticking five goals past leaders Chelsea on New Year's Day? Perhaps a glance at the Tottenham line ups for those two games provides a clue.
Pochettino's record is ten wins and four defeats in all competitions so far... If he can achieve all this with a sluggish, misfiring squad, imagine what he'll be able to do once he's got them finely tuned and boosted by a couple of astute signings in January. There's always a bright side if you're prepared to rummage around for it.
Whether a striker of the required calibre becomes available in January - let alone whether Chairman Levy will be inclined to make the necessary investment - remains to be seen. But if they do find someone capable of finishing the chances the creative department are increasingly serving up, this could yet turn out to be a very good season for Tottenham.
Tottenham coach Tim Sherwood and first-team coach Chris Ramsey both saluted Emmanuel Adebayor's second goal against Sunderland