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Christmas parties are positive occasions, held to celebrate the festive season and the end of a year of hard work. There
Numerous women have come forward with explosive allegations of sexual harassment, and in some cases, assault, by movie mogul
The publication of the BBC's salary list has caused many people to question the rights and wrongs of paying high salaries
It's going to be tough work, but I'm excited and driven by the opportunity to make things a bit better for people. I hope you will get behind me and lobby your own MP to back my Bill. If you want to share your experiences of unpaid trial shifts, or just give me your views on the Bill then visit my website - www.stewartmcdonald.scot - and respond to my online consultation today.
The long-awaited Taylor review on modern employment practices has been published with a focus on flexibility, increasing
The issue of office banter has been raised again following a company boss describing a warning he gave to staff that "Labour
Absent any legislative change, it seem that it will be left to people like Ms Thorp to take action, it's likely that this will be mainly through 'naming and shaming' via social media. In the meantime, it's likely that stereotypical views of what women ought to look like will continue to be perpetuated.
Preventing sexual harassment is one of the most concerning elements of managing staff for many employers. Employers have an obligation to prevent this from occurring and, if it can be shown they have not taken all reasonable steps to stop this, then the employer can be found liable for employee's actions. Issues of sexual harassment can fall under the radar so employers need to take all possible steps to prevent this happening.
Whilst this might seem a strange title for a blog on disability, I count myself incredibly lucky to have had a hidden disability all of my adult life. If I had to choose between invisible and visible, I would choose invisible every time. Why, you ask? It stops the questions. It stops the pity. It stops people thinking you are 'less' of a person because you are in some way deficient.
Research by the GMB Union has found that up to 10 million Britons are currently working in insecure employment. This includes