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Employed parents could soon have their entitlement to paid time off following the death of a child protected by law. MPs
It remains to be seen whether May can be taken at her word on her other pledges on workers' rights such as her party's claim in its general election manifesto that: 'We will make sure that people working in the 'gig' economy are properly protected' and 'Workers' rights conferred on British citizens from our membership of the EU will remain'.
News last week: the number of UK workers on zero-hours contracts has reached the all-time high of 910,000. It was something
'Forget everything you think you know about strippers'
Solemn and veiled in black lace, strippers lined the streets to mourn the death of The White Horse, what was one of a few
Action needs to be taken now. Women have waited three years for justice - they should not have to wait any longer. In due course Scottish women will rightfully no longer face the same financial barriers to access to tribunals - neither should any woman in the rest of the UK.
Call me cynical, but I've come to the conclusion that large chains provide work experience to people with learning disabilities solely to give the public impression that they're inclusive and supportive, but have no intention of ever employing and paying them.
Seriously, if these company bosses are struggling to work out an hourly rate on a calculator, you have to wonder how they manage to guide these multi-million pound operations to ring up such large profits. The answer is they can't be arsed, and they just don't care
When direct evidence emerges of a conspiracy stretching back years to blacklist trade unionists and prevent them from working, no inquiry is deemed necessary. When a few wealthy executives are reminded of the damage their decisions do to people's lives, it is apparently a gravely serious matter that demands urgent attention.
American whistleblowers Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden are infamous, but history has largely forgotten Richard Tomlinson
An art teacher who was unfairly sacked after becoming pregnant has been awarded a £33,900 payout, a teaching union has said
A driver sacked by a multimillionaire racehorse owner for feeding a piece of leftover lamb to an ailing Labrador has won
A vicar who claims he was subjected to years of intimidation and bullying in his constituency has launched a constructive
With the loss of their legal aid-funded employment specialists, the great majority of Citizens Advice Bureaux will no longer have the expertise and capacity to conduct such negotiation with employers, and to sift out misguided or evidentially weak claims.
The latest proposal that Whitehall are supposedly considering is the rowing back of rights against unfair dismissal. It's worth having a quick recap of what this is, in order to assess whether it really is holding our economy back.
Workers will have to pay legal fees if they want to sue their employer for unfair dismissal, George Osborne has announced