empowering women

Europe has once again been thrown headfirst into election season. This month alone revealed the fault lines in French society as disaffected voters rejected established parties, preceding the UK's all-important snap election in June. And toward the end of the year in October, Germany will hold its own elections as Angela Merkel seeks another term in office.
Photo credit: Harjit Sohotey-Khan I meet the artisans that design and craft our necklaces. These lovely women from Nagaland
If we get this right, it is women at the sharpest end who most stand to benefit. But of course gender inequality benefits us all. We are all stronger when we are more equal. And equality has to mean leaving no one behind.
In my work to help rape survivors move beyond symptom management and lead a full and reconnected life again I am used to
I've just returned from Iceland Airwaves, an international music festival and industry meeting point I've long wanted to
A group of women with Crohn's disease have stripped off for a lingerie calendar to end the stigma around stoma bags. The
It seems there's no shortage of ways to feel bad about yourself on the Internet, with the #BellybuttonChallenge and #CollarboneChallenge
A photo of a plus-sizewoman posing in swimwear has gone viral after the subject of the photo, Jessica Kane, challenged those
Women are awesome. And this video proves it. Despite common preconceptions that women perceive themselves in a negative light
As Oscars night approached, Reese Witherspoon's #AskHerMore plea on Instagram couldn't have been more poignant. And it seems