End Of The Earth

‘Our biggest threat to the environment is we believe somebody else is going to do something about it.’
‘This year I will be finding a little drive through surgery and getting my appendix removed’.
Six months ago, I was invited to join a colleague on an environmental expedition to document the effects of climate change
I went to Antarctica to film a documentary about climate change for HuffPost. Sounds simple, right? Except... I wanted to do something different. I didn't just want it to be something that disappeared into the depths of the internet, or prompted that glassy-eyed look that tends to descend on many of us when the words climate change are uttered. I didn't want to try and match the BBC or Werner Herzog and make something beautiful. We all know Antarctica is beautiful. I wanted to show the other side. The grit, the determination it takes to even get out there. The damn hard side of actually filming in such an unforgiving environment.