Valentine's Day was never intended to be a day selling cards or flowers or chocolates. Saint Valentine was a 14th century
Primarily, I'm getting back into a fitness regime. Running is my happy place, you see - it's where I make amends for my mistakes, and group my thoughts into something vaguely resembling order. It's also a loosely crucial part of scaling 26.2 miles in 35 degree heat next May. Obv.
Are you fed up with being surrounded by happy, smiley people? Do you want to bring more misery, stress, anxiety and depression into your life and the lives of your loved ones? Then here is your handy guide.
Endorphins should be the new buzz word for 2015. That is what exercise does for you and they are free. Endorphins boost your mood, leave you feeling happy and give you that feeling of really being alive.
It all began a few weeks ago, during an episode of PMS so severe that not even smashing the kitchen up - normally a marvellous stress-buster - would have worked. So, having read that exercise was good for regulating hormones, I approached the exercise bike gathering dust in the study.
While many of us reach for stodgy comfort foods when the blues kick in, snacking on mood-boosting superfoods will help to
As his new single 'Endorphins' hits the top ten, Sub Focus's underground roots (like many of our homegrown) have been shifted
A new survey based on research by Patient.co.uk has revealed we are more stressed since the recession hit two years ago. At first sight, perhaps, a statement of the blindingly obvious. But teasing out the results shows worrying trends in behaviour that could exact a heavy toll on our health.