Energy Companies

Once again, for the tenth year running, I've changed energy providers at home. As always, it's a fairly simple task; just go online put a few details in and tell them when you want to switch. Every year I managed to bag savings of between £250 and £400 a year.
Most people are still using meter technology that is decades out of date. But the national roll-out of smart meters to every home and micro-business means that the last analogue experience is finally entering the digital age.
Scottish Power is set to feel the heat as MPs prepare to look into its alleged failure to avoid paying out as much as £79
The debate for re-nationalising some of our major industries has been largely ignored since Tony Blair tore up Labour's commitment to Clause Four. Perhaps now is the time for Ed to reconsider such a move and position the Labour Party back on the side of working people.
Four in ten of the families we surveyed who had faced energy debt felt intimidated by their energy company, with 48% of families reporting that they were not treated with respect or given the support they needed.
A Labour government would give a new energy regulator the power to revoke energy companies' licences to help protect the
Energy prices may have been driven so high due to the amount of regulation piling costs on energy firms and holding back
Energy bosses will now face up to two years in jail if convicted of manipulating energy prices for their own gain, Lib Dem
Customer complaints to the Big Six energy companies have reached the highest number in a single quarter since records began
Ed Miliband has come under pressure from two former Labour ministers to be nicer to business and not give the impression