energy costs

Imagine this. You're doing your regular supermarket shop, filling your trolley with groceries for the next week. But when you go to pay at the till, you are told that you won't find out what your shop costs for several months. It's only at the end of the quarter that you receive your bill from the supermarket, for all the shopping you've done in the last three months. Hopefully when the bill comes, you will have managed your household budget well enough to be able to pay...
It's time to tackle the real problems. The wholesale cost of energy is the main component of our energy bills, it has gone up significantly and will continue to do so, and we can't change that. What we can do is stop wasting energy by improving our energy efficiency, and supply more from secure renewable sources. And with serious investment in these areas now, we can achieve lower energy bills in future.
Rising food, fuel and energy costs consistently come top of consumers' financial worries; and we are increasingly seeing people getting into debt or using credit to pay for essentials like food and household bills. Large numbers of households have no financial buffer to draw on if they're hit by an unexpected expense... The cost of living election battle has already started.
Energy price subsidies offered to energy-intensive big industries will be paid for by smaller businesses and consumers, under
The energy companies deserve criticism; their tariffs are almost as confusing as the government's policies. But they are also a distraction. What's driven up consumer bills is the price of gas. If the prime minister wants to stabilise them, he'll need to stand up to his Chancellor, not just the utilities.
When we launched the Big Switch with 38 Degrees in February, we knew it wouldn't be easy. This was a completely new way to buy energy using the power of thousands of consumers to collectively negotiate a better deal with suppliers.
In order to decarbonise our energy sources, we need a smart metering system that is intelligent! Most of us are too busy to continually think about how much energy we're using, but smart meters could enable automation of the process.
Almost half of the energy used by British business is wasted when employees aren't at work, a report has claimed. British
Four out of 10 people are worried they cannot afford their next energy bill, according to new research. The study, commissioned
This week we are running Big Energy Week - a campaign to help people save money on their energy bills, get advice on any fuel debts and make sure people are getting all of the help available.