Energy Efficiency

If governments are worried that there isn’t enough public enthusiasm for investment in renewable energy, then may we suggest
Solar-powered buses, clean air initiatives and new technologies.
The problem of air pollution in cities isn’t new. Back in 1661, diarist John Evelyn published an attack on the ‘hellish and
Fossil fuel companies begged the White House to stay in the accord.
The U.S. would join Syria and Nicaragua in rejecting the historic pact to address global warming.
Costa Rica's stunning landscapes and wildlife aren't all the country has to offer
  Costa Rica is the Central American country known for its extraordinary biodiversity (over half a million different species
The White House website has removed the page devoted to climate change action and posted newly sworn-in President Donald
The firm has made strides in its renewable energy commitments.
Apple is leading the race to build a green internet, according to Greenpeace analysis.  The iPhone maker was awarded a score