Energy Efficiency

NOT ONE of the 'savings' listed by Government today is an efficiency saving on the information we have - they are all just cuts to inputs. Many of them have the potential to not only damage immediate outputs but to cause longer-term problems that will costs Government dearly.
There has been a lot of confusion around the Green Deal and what it means for consumers, businesses and the energy industry.
Whether you're browsing Facebook on your mobile, sending a Tweet, Skyping someone on the other side of the world or using your supermarket loyalty card, IT is behind it all. IT is everywhere, but as our dependency on it grows, as does the opportunity for inefficiency.
Too many of the government's policies - from the carbon floor price to the £11 billion smart meter fiasco - are likely to prove ineffective at reducing energy consumption while consumers foot the bill.
Work - it's a fact we all need to face. It's an inevitable part of our lives that allows us to enjoy the finer things, such as holidays in the sun and fast cars. So if we have to work, then shouldn't it be as easy for us as possible?
If the phrase 'smart metering programme' means nothing to you, then it is time to get reading. This is your beginners guide and will take you from novice to being pretty well informed on the new government programme. Why is this important? The scheme is set to take off in 2014 and will be rolled out to every home and small business in the UK - you can't hide from it!
The IEA's World Energy Outlook (WEO) is an annual tradition, the result of much work, data analysis and presentation. A formative volume is produced for all to read and digest, but few of  us have the time to do so in the detail required.
Climate change is one of those subjects that is awash with data, leading to an almost endless capacity for analysis and ultimately conclusion drawing.
Regulatory pressures, the need to improve efficiency and save money, and the promise of reputational gain have driven many large organisations to look at how they can measure and reduce carbon in their own business.
The UK has been one of the most proactive countries in tackling business emissions and climate change and the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme is one of the latest innovative policy developments.