Energy Sector

There is no doubt that SA's switch from coal to more sustainable energy must be people-centred – and that means energy democracy must be prioritised.
The increase is a result of the rand depreciating against the U.S. dollar.
Nuclear energy production will not make a meaningful contribution to job creation and will not lead to energy justice.
Billions of rands of debt with higher interest rates are still a major obstacle to getting out of trouble.
The nations on the African continent may be portrayed as engaged in a cyclical struggle; for political power, peace, for stability, even for food.
The main characteristic of South Africa with regards to its recent narrative around transitions is the notion that justice should be part of the transition.
Gender integration within the African energy sector will not only create immediate opportunities for women, but will also strengthen this sector.
Water, a warm home, lighting. These are essentials to our way of life. Being told in times of cold that our elderly should put another layer of clothing on is positively Stone Age and more to the point obscene.
It's been a tense time in the energy sector recently, with the furore over rising energy bills and accusations of profiteering taking over national headlines.
Centrica, the owners of British Gas have seen increased profits at its residential arm by 23%, a percentage which may anger