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Sujata Setia captures the love and romance between couples who've been together for decades.
Alexi Lubomirski photographed the couple earlier this week.
The societal expectation from dating through to marriage is that women be passive: waiting to be chosen and that men are in the position of choosing.
If you're looking for another set of sleek, Pinterest-worthy engagement photos, you've come to the wrong page. The engagement
You may open your own doors, change your own plugs and take out your own bins, but weddings bring out deeply rooted gender
Tis the season where the high-pitched screaming of your just-engaged friends pierces your eardrums and makes you bleed from
Once upon a time when declaring your love for someone, it sufficed to say three little words or simply - to quote Beyonce
There are loads of reasons why having an engagement photo shoot is an excellent idea but the main one is FEAR or the removal of it. Many people are apprehensive about having their photograph taken by a professional photographer for one reason and one reason alone: fear of the unknown. They don't know what to expect.