england women

When England's chances of winning were in doubt, they found a way to become champions - for me, that's what sport is about; the competition, the teamwork, the incredible talent, the excitement, and the euphoria of winning. And I wholeheartedly believe that both the England and Indian team yesterday proved once and for all that that is what women's sport is about too.
Deeply entrenched, discriminatory notions of women's diminished status, whether the issue is a playing field or a paycheck, harm individual women and girls. They are denied their rights and blocked from achieving their full potential. Such norms also undermine sport itself, tarnishing notions such as fair play and open competition. It is time to overturn the barriers and stereotypes.
Can Sampson continue the growth mindset he has created? Like any project, it's about the environment and the culture as much as the people, but England has a great leader and I take my hat off to him.
The women's game offers a unique opportunity. Where else can you watch a team representing the club you have always supported, for less than a tenner and be able to approach the players after? We can see by the England squad that just achieved third place at the World Cup how relatable, likable and down to earth they all are.
The Women's World Cup has been action packed. I've loved every minute of it. Like an ever growing army of people, I'm counting down the hours until our Lionesses take on hosts Canada in Vancouver in the wee small hours of Sunday morning. And I'm fortunate enough to be cheering them on in person.