english parliament

An English Parliament is needed to cope with the “the end of British electoral politics as we know it,” Labour’s Chuka Umunna
David Cameron will gather senior MPs at his official country retreat today to consider his plan to restrict the voting rights
The Left should be out of the blocks quickly when the debate over devolution for England begins in earnest after the probable no vote next Thursday. And we should shape the campaign for a new settlement in our own image - an image that draws on every democratic and radical movement England has produced from the Levellers and Diggers to the Chartists, from the early Christian socialists to the Jarrow marchers, from Tolpuddle to the Suffragettes, from Wat Tyler to the pioneers of the New Unionism.
Decisions that need to be made together like our national finances, our transport programme, our welfare provisions, our diplomatic activities, and our national defence can still all be undertaken as at present by the Parliament in Westminster. But there is clearly a need for the English voice to be heard on other affairs of State. The Scottish referendum will increase the feeling of English nationalism and rather than ignore it and allow animosity to develop, let's look towards the practical.
Maybe the time has come for the United Kingdom to become the Federated Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Germany, much like the US, is made up of sixteen federal states, each with their own leader and their government, overseen by the Federal Government in Berlin. Maybe this is what we should do...
Revolutionary changes to the way MPs vote on laws would cause chaos in Parliament and be a huge blow for the Labour Party
Despite the gloomy economic circumstances, England has a lot to celebrate; it is a beautiful and tolerant multicultural society that has contributed a great deal to the world socially, politically and culturally. Yet the 'English question' has only been prodded and poked by the political classes rather than substantially addressed.
In reply to the Leader of Plaid Cymru, Leanne Wood's The Huffington Post article published on the 28 January 2013 "what is best for Wales?...
nterest in a solution to the West Lothian question is long overdue. The increasing English disenchantment with the Union makes it is more important than ever that it is addressed.