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A Tory peer, and former brewery boss, has sparked outrage after blaming Muslims for "many pub closures" across Britain. Lord
If you love tasty pubfood then the following will definitely be of interest. The Michelin Eating Out In Pubs Guide has revealed
A traditional village pub which prides itself on caring for the local community has been named best in the UK. The Swan with
London has the reputation of being extremely expensive, and fair enough, in some parts it really is. However, there are plenty of deals to be found, and plenty of locals who demand to have a good time without spending all their wages.
I've always believed that a pub which can offer me a quality beer that I've never heard of is onto a good start, and anywhere I can walk in and see something on draught that surprises me is doing even better. Anywhere offering a combination of Carlsberg, Carling and Strongbow and not much else is simply not going to cut it.
Shia Labeouf got in a spot of bother after heading to a local boozer in London after one reveller tried to pinch his baseball
If you like a pint in your local boozer, then look away now - this might hurt. Pubs the length of Britain are closing down
Minimum alcohol pricing is the right step towards reversing the increasing trend of drinking at home, although some doctors claim that the base price is too low. On beer duty, however, it appears pubs will have to dig into their own pockets again for the next round. The Treasury is certainly not buying it.
It's remarkable how the rhetoric used by anti-smoking campaigners shifts. Unable to use the dangers of passive smoking - which was one of the primary reasons given for banning smoking in pubs - as a particularly convincing argument for restricting smoking outdoors, they instead hunt for other reasons to clamp down on people's ability to smoke.