english votes for english laws

I was broadly in favour of a 'no' vote during the Scottish independence referendum. I didn't have much of a reason beyond still not being totally over America's secession 200 years before my birth, but I wanted Scotland to stick around. Ewan McGregor and Gordon Strachan and whisky... They seemed worth keeping hold of. I was mistaken.
SNP MPs are not happy. Parliamentary rules were introduced last year to bar Scottish members from voting on English matters
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The SNP will break a long-standing tradition of abstaining on votes not affecting constituents north of the border and instead
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If pro-hunt campaigners think English Votes for English Laws (EVEL) legislation will help them, they are wrong. Just an hour
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it is important to recognise that changes need to be made in Westminster too, and England's voice should be strengthened when it comes to English only matters. However, David Cameron has proposed fundamental Constitutional changes, and is proposing to introduce them in two weeks' time, using a little known parliamentary procedure... This is no way to make profound constitutional change. It is an outrage the Government thinks it is.