Homework causes arguments in a third of families, parents have admitted, with some confessing to avoiding helping their children
Edward Rondthaler was born back in 1905 and died in 2009 at the grand old age of 104, a much-loved and highly-respected typographist
In an, *ahem*, uncharacteristic moment of French machismo, France's finance minister, Francois Baroin has said that being
There is a layer of English society - or perhaps several overlapping onion-like layers - which floats. I exaggerate, of course
I posted a blog (or did I?) the other day. Someone took offence (or did he?) and posted (or did he?) this comment: "No offense
Rail workers are being told to take German lessons as part of their training course for operating new track equipment, it
Let's cut to the chase - I don't want to beat about the bush or mince my words - It's time to step up to the plate and have a heads-up with the nest of vipers that is the can of worms that is Plain English.
I teach English Literature A Level. My Year 13 students this year are tackling a variety of texts including Enduring Love by Ian McEwan, Hamlet and an anthology of poetry that includes work from Petrarch to Duffy, Browning to Angelou.