Enough Food for Everyone IF

Tens of thousands of people have gathered in Hyde Park for an anti-hunger demonstration, hosted by lobby group Enough Food
The government has committed to giving an extra £375 million to help feed the world's poorest children. The aid is part of
David Cameron insisted aid spending made him "proud to be British" on Saturday as he urged more investment to tackle global
I've been working with Save the Children and have travelled to a few countries with them now including my mum's homeland, the Philippines. What I've seen there as well as elsewhere is why I'm writing this blog. It's the reason why when I look into my fridge, my cupboards or at my daughters' dinner plates, I remember the people I've met there. You see, I've seen real hunger. Here, when we say we're starving, we've usually missed a coffee break or are late on lunch. Over there, in the Philippines, Bangladesh and countless other countries, it's literally true and it's utterly devastating.
David Cameron told the World Economic Forum in Davos at the beginning of the year that the priority for his chairmanship of the G8 would be tax transparency. Development agencies like Concern Worldwide have taken the Prime Minister at his word.