With the European elections over, many of the newly elected MEPs are now coming together to form or join transnational political
SYRIZA was originally founded as a coalition of left-wing and radical left parties, and is currently led by Alexis Tsipras
Since the last European elections were held in 2009, five EU countries - Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus - have required bailouts, and unemployment across the continent has remained persistently high, particularly among young people.
By Ian H Robertson, Trinity College Dublin As Europe wakens to a wave of newly elected right-wing Members of the European
The European elections are now behind us, but many questions have yet to be answered. The next few days should cast more light on who will be the next Commission president and which political groups will find common ground to shape the agenda of the new Parliament. Here is a brief look at what comes next.
Should optimistic views about globalization like those of Michael Mandelbaum hold true, Europe may manage to defuse the crisis as new markets open, economic ties strengthen, and member states realize they have a common goal. Namely, to increase prosperity and profit from the ongoing technological innovation.
According a YouGov poll published for the first time since the start of the financial crisis, the economy no longer tops the list of issues the British public is most concerned about: immigration is now on a par with the economy, with 52% or respondents saying it's the main issue facing the UK today.
Millions of people from Galway to Gdansk and from Stockholm to Sardinia will be voting for the new European Parliament from 22-25 May. This vote will set the EU's direction for the next five years and influence legislation that will affect all of our lives. As the stakes are so high, we want to encourage as many people as possible to have their say and we want to invite you to get involved.
Austerity or investment, more or less migration, putting the brakes on Brussels or expanding Europe... The economic crisis over the last few years has caused many people to question what should happen next.