When you sign an e-petition, even one which could be deemed by many to be nothing more than petulant grandstanding, you have to be careful. There is always the chance that it can highlight to the world how small your voice actually is.
The truth is, as a traditional television channel, BBC3 was always a flawed proposition that could never adequately fulfil its objectives. But online, the game changes beyond recognition. It can finally be the champion of breaking talent. It can at last be a true bastion of originality.
In addition to raising massive awareness about UK's cruel puppy farming trade, just 14,000 more signatures means puppy farming will be discussed in the House of Commons - imagine that - British Parliament sitting down talking about the future of this country's dogs.
The DEFRA (government's) response we received after collecting 10,000 signatures was so weak, pathetic, spineless, and utterly predictable it didn't even deserve a reply, so basically we need to find another 52,000 animal loving signatures in just 4.5 weeks.
If you feel something is wrong on a national scale then perhaps you should think about asking your MP to raise the matter at government level.
More than 100,000 people have signed an online petition urging the government to abandon the Health and Social Care Bill