equal opportunities

Any dynamic society must change, exchange and move. Our maturity as a nation depends on how we resolve the divisive situations based on ethnicity or multiculturalism. We need to observe and practise the principle that different groups of people are equally important.
I do not understand the motivation behind homophobia but I do understand that this 'fear' is a by-product of teachers, preachers and parents abusing their positions of power and influence to perpetuate the abuse of innocent civilians.
The massive gender bias in Britain's civil service has been revealed, with men continuing to dominate the top jobs. Campaigners
Women are just as capable of taking pressure, of course. Indeed, as many juggle the responsibilities of work and children, arguably more so. The question is not whether they have the skills, but whether they have the will for a grim working environment without visible reforms.
Recently I received a survey through the post; apparently out of all the people who live in my area I was selected at random
The country's largest local authority may face a bill of £757 million to settle a string of equal pay claims, including a
You'd think the biggest hurdle facing professional dog walker are untrained dogs, stinky traffic, poop on your shoes and the occasional grumpy citizen who has an aversion to mutts. Yet recently, I discovered my local friendly borough council to be less than helpful