Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt has landed himself in hot water after talking so much about gender inequality in the tech industry that he actually
Google Chairman Eric Schmidt has predicted that in the future the internet will 'disappear' from our lives. Speaking at the
The BBC has confirmed that it will publish a constantly updating list of all its articles that have been removed from Google
Internet searches for child abuse images will be blocked for the first time by Microsoft and Google after months of mounting
Rupert Murdoch made a bold promise to "expose" Google and its executive chairman Eric Schmidt on Twitter before suddenly
Work-life balance is, in my view, a pretty retro concept. The expression was first used in 1970s England, then crossed the pond to 1980s America to package up the predicament of workers putting in increasing hours. And it never really evolved.
Do you know Bilderberg? Nope? Well given the dark cloak of secrecy shrouding the shadowy annual conflab don't feel bad for not getting the memo. For the uninitiated, each year the world's elite bankers, royalty, parliamentarians and CEOs self-imprison themselves in some of the most luxurious hotels in the world for a weekend of, well, who knows...?
These two men are clearly visionaries who are far more knowledgeable about where our new digital world will take us than any other person on the planet.
Google boss Eric Schmidt today said he was "perplexed" by the debate over the company's tax affairs. The internet giant's
On Wednesday, Ed Miliband made a speech at Google - a business that has been making headlines recently for all the wrong reasons. To the outsider, the profitability of its business model looks plain to see. Yet of £3bn of revenue earned in the UK, it has paid only £3m in tax. Google are not alone in this seeming imbalance. The UK tax bill paid by companies from Amazon to Apple to Starbucks has raised deep concerns among businesses and families who pay their fair share. These are all prominent examples of a more general conundrum: the struggles for national governments framing tax rules for global companies.
For a certain kind of early-adopter, Google Glass has already won them over. The new wearable computer features a built-in
Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt has defended the internet giant's tax affairs, saying the firm was playing a key
Steve Jobs threatened to sue Palm if its CEO did not stop attempting to hire Apple employees, according to emails released
The Gangnam Style phenomenon has hit stratospheric heights in recent days, reaching 290 million views - so you would expect
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Apple fans upset by its new Maps application will have to wait for a quick fix from Google. Google previously supplied the
Google has issued proposals to the European competition commissioner over concerns it abused its dominant position in search
Google is to fund computer science teachers in a bid to save the "sorry state" of computing education in the UK. Eric Schmidt
How often have you watched some sort of sci-fi programme or film showcasing space age technology and wondered if and when
A new world of resources is about to open up in outer space and it's backed by some pretty big investors: film director James