A police search is under way for the players, who are believed to be the latest to defect from one of the most tightly controlled regimes in the world.
His peace-making efforts with Eritrea have been commended.
Last night I had a dream that you were free. Together with your daughters, I stood with my two siblings in the front row and waited for you to come through a door. You fell to your knees the moment you stepped through that door, but your girls ran to pick you up and gave you the biggest embrace ever.
Carey Mulligan said response to crisis made her 'ashamed to be British'.
I am working in the lobby at my hotel when I see a bus draped in Eritrean flags stop for a red light. Not much later, I sit on a bus heading to the airport to pick up my cousin Abie. I pass a park filled with people all dressed in the colors of the Eritrean flag. When I walk on the streets I hear my native language being spoken everywhere around me.
We need to share his story, because by sharing his story we can actually free him. We need to share his story because his plight needs to be heard, and supported. We need to share his story, because we need to make sure that he is never going to be forgotten, and make sure that the Eritrean government feel the constant pressure from us demanding his release.
We have all heard about the terrible situation in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq causing people to risk their lives and make the treacherous journey across the Mediterranean. However, what I have sadly come to realise is that not so many of us have heard much about the Eritreans also making this crossing.
As part of his early turn as Father Christmas, Chancellor George Osborne allocated £289million to the World Service over the next five years to pay for new services to places like North Korea and Eritrea.
I met Nahom a few weeks ago and took an instant liking to his feisty little personality. No wonder he's had to learn to be a little tough, he has experienced things no adult should have to go through...