Erotic Fiction

Just when you thought erotic fiction couldn't get any worse after 'Fifty Shades', someone has released a sexy book based
Inevitably, the deeply disturbing events in Woolwich have dictated the news agenda since last Thursday, and by extension brought up some unsettling questions. But whatever your thoughts on what is above all else a situation that demands nuance, we can all agree on four things...
A rare bit of good news for the nation's beleaguered local libraries: erotic fiction is being credited with a boom in e-book
Ann Summers tycoon Jacqueline Gold says the success of saucy literary hit 50 Shades of Grey has led to sales at her chain
No one should be forced to perform sexual acts that they feel uncomfortable with. But to blame books for creating a new and dangerous generation of sexually demanding women is ludicrous and harks back to the days when novel-reading was considered an unsuitable activity for women.
Things are getting rather steamy on the literature scene right now. Wherever I go, it seems that I can't escape the endless chatter about Fifty Shades of Grey. Struggling to close my ears and fight what seems to be a sudden modern classic, I thought I might as well join the debate.
EL James's Fifty Shades trilogy has outsold JK Rowling's seven-book Harry Potter series on Amazon's UK site. James has sold
Now, when it comes to the plot of Fifty Shades Of Grey I'm little confused. When did chick-lit get so hardcore?
It's sad, but undeniably true, that our rubbish tells more about us than our art.
"Have you read Fifty Shades of Grey?" my friend Aileen was leaning in, her voice lowered conspiratorially. "No," I breathed. "Get it. It's basically porn. Huge in the States. Fabulous."