The aim of the game when it comes to dodgeball is to, you know, dodge the ball. Sure, you can catch it as well - if you're
Watching fail compilations is a tricky business. Not as tricky as somersaulting off a pier, sure, but tricky nonetheless
Next time you're down at Gun Lake in Shelbyville, Michigan, be sure to double check the dock there before you walk on it
Huffington Post UK Comedy's sister site, Urlesque, does sterling work each and every day gathering up fails from all over
A lot can happen in four seconds. Okay, that's not strictly true - some things can happen in four seconds, such as, say, kicking
Around one in 20 prescriptions written by family doctors contain an error, according to a study published today. Most mistakes
The month of April was a wet one, a windy one and a politically tumultuous one. It was also, like all months ever, a faily
The phrase 'chasing your own tail' has taken on a whole new meaning after Police Magazine revealed a junior Sussex Police
Pity poor Lisa Dutton. Asked to judge a local sausage-tasting competition - steady now - she then thought she'd bring it
Poor Bill O'Neil. His live report from Winston-Salem, North Carolina for local news service WXII 12 was going so well... until
It's safe to say that YouTuber "JasonTFarmer" is a bit of a wally. Why else would he attempt to perform a stunt that involves
While many of us were tucking into some turkey on Christmas Day, heavy storms were hitting South East Australia, causing
If there's one thing the internet loves, it's seeing people fail. Sure, kittens might be popular, and pandas occasionally