We're asking the Government to ensure that all refugees have the opportunity to learn English so that they can start to rebuild their lives and fulfil their potential. This isn't a handout - it's an investment in Britain's future.
We're renewing our call on the government to ensure that every single refugee and asylum seeker receives eight to twelve hours of English classes for two years. Our polling demonstrates the strong public support for this with 73% recognising the benefits for communities and for Britain.
The inclusion of Muslim women will take political will, funding to the NGOs that provide vital support, a commitment to listening to Muslim women, and addressing the real problems that confront us: problems of violence, whether in the family, or in the streets. We have been telling the government this for years. But whatever language we speak in, they don't listen to us.
Around 700,000 migrants are being "left voiceless" due to the government's lack of leadership in teaching them English and
What occurs to me is that in all the rhetoric, Sajid Javid has forgotten something very simple. Where is the government funding and access for keen families and individuals to learn English if they should wish it? While the will may be there from immigrant families, the financial ability to attend classes may not be.