While it is currently not illegal to buy an essay online, the ethical question will always be there. A student needs to evaluate for themselves if this is the path they want to walk down, or if they want to put in the hard work, time and effort on their own - with the possibility of failure.
Last week I was interviewed by the BBC on the concerns that have been raised about the growing number of websites offering
Everyone knows what it's like when you first go to university: enjoying our new found freedom, drinking more than a little too much and becoming a pro at sitting through lectures with the worst hangovers known to man.
It's an oddity of the modern examination system that, in many countries, essays aren't actually marked by humans. For some
It's easy to forget, given that we view it every week in our homes, that a TV show can be art. Mad Men is a work of art which is great whether you believe art should be appreciated for its style alone or also for its content.
We all know about the woes of essay writing - it's one of those things that we try to avoid. Unfortunately, completing coursework
Whether coming up with an essay structure, life plan or menu for tea, every student needs new ideas, so you might as well have a party while you ponder. It sounds ridiculous, seems crazy and could be entirely flawed as a concept, but thinking aloud in an accent deserves some listening to.
Like all students at the end of the semester, and particularly as an Erasmus student living in Paris with a strong penchant for a glass/carafe/bottle of wine at the end of a hard day's work, I have begun (read: continued) to feel the pinch. In an effort to be resourceful, I decided to look for a job that would not only reduce my overdraft but also help me improve my skills as a writer...
Personally, I won't miss Clinton Cards. But if the person who knows how to put speech bubbles on pictures of black 'n' white fifties housewives has some horrible accident, my life will be immeasurably spoiled.
Intriguingly, it seems that the essay may tend to flower at moments of growth-spurts in the cultural history of the dissemination of the written word.
From Notting Hill Editions ( A few days ago, a writer called Adam Roberts took part in the book