essential oils

When I gave it to him I told him it was his special oil, that he could use it whenever he wanted and that it would help him whenever he felt sad, upset and in need of a cuddle (never instead of a cuddle because I believe physical contact is also a healer).
I have fallen in love with my natural hair! So much so that I now give a damn about what my hair products are actually doing to it. It's kind of like during my weight loss journey when I started reading food labels checking its fiber, sugar and fat content - I now check my hair product labels for their ingredients.
Open a couple of cupboards in most kitchens or bathrooms and you're likely to find those household 'essentials' - bleach, paracetamol, maybe a five year old bottle of Shake n' Vac and many other sorts of so-called 'must have' items that everyone apparently needs.
This Halloween weekend I'll be locking the door and treating myself to a long-overdue home pampering session using some of the most bewitching make-up and skincare around. N.B.: Trick or Treaters, it's nothing personal - please don't egg my house.
A number of fires have broken out in beauty salons, laundrettes and homes all thanks to the essential oils that are commonly