The fear of litigation appears to dominate the minds of university bureaucrats. Telephone directories of regulations covering
Over the past 30 years communication between brands and customers has changed dramatically. From direct sales to social media
From time to time, disaffected Labour voters ask what the Labour Party is for. Even committed Labourites like ourselves feel it is an important question to ask.
The role of ethics in contemporary society is resurgent; its reach sprawling out across the social landscape at what many
Kirk Leech extols the alleged benefits of animal research. It is to be hoped that scientists bring greater intellectual rigour to their research than he does to his arguments.
A severely-disabled 57-year-old man is to ask a High Court judge to allow a doctor to "lawfully" end his life, solicitors
Is demand for cocaine here in the UK and elsewhere contributing to violence and environmental damage in Colombia? Yes. It is nonsensical to deny this. We are all responsible for our own actions. That prohibition makes things vastly worse says nothing about a personal choice made in the knowledge of the damage the drug trade inflicts today.
Lord Patten, the chairman of the BBC Trust, has argued against statutory regulation of newspapers in a lecture at the Society
Some years ago I was talking to Robin Cook about his strong support of Reprieve's work against the death penalty. He was then Foreign Secretary, and I congratulated him on the slogan that had been attributed to him: that henceforth Britain would have "an ethical foreign policy."
The new documentary film Blood in the Mobile by Frank Piasecki Poulsen tracks just how much your mobile costs. Not to your