Our latest Insight report Everyone In, based on a survey carried out by YouthSight, delves into some hard hitting topics
The state has written off the chances of black men achieving life success to the best of their potential and the unfairness is deafening; the government has set up a Social Mobility Commission to address the lack of transition in schools, jobs and society for people from poor backgrounds, but has done little to nothing for black boys, even though a quarter of black people are from deprived backgrounds.
If we wish to improve cohesion and integration, we need a radically different view about what it means to be British. It's about time those from ethnic minority backgrounds were not viewed with a gaze that seeks to imprison them within narrow allegiances.
The notion of community leaders may appear harmless and informal, yet it is inherently anti democratic, for they are unaccountable and self appointed. Informal though it may appear, it gives added clout to individuals whose views are perceived to have more legitimacy.
I have not lived in Russia for almost 10 years, but until recently I would frequently visit the country. However, increasingly I find that I am simply not welcome. Russia - like the rest of the world - is consumed by increasing levels of ethno-religious intolerance and hate.
The white working classes do indeed face barriers, disadvantages and even discrimination in Britain today. Politicians seeking to win their votes in the referendum or in the next general election will talk a lot about the white working class but we rarely hear their own voices, whether as Parliamentary candidates, Question Time panellists or comment authors in newspapers.
However, younger Bangladeshi women are serious about their educational and professional goals and are performing exceptionally
It would be easy enough to see faith and language as insurmountable barriers, but these two negatives can come together to provide a solution for integration if we access the assets or social capital present across faith communities.
Earlier this month, The Daily Mail reported that Jon Holmes had been 'sacked' from the Now Show because he was 'a white man
Employment among ethnic minority people is up by around 4% since the same April-June period in 2015. But the headline figure masks a more worrying picture. BME employment has been on the rise regardless of the target over the past decade, reflecting changing demographics.