In 2014, Pan Macmillan published You Say Potato - a book on English accents by Ben Crystal and David Crystal. It was complemented
I may as well be a biased reviewer of David Crystal's books given that Words in Time and Place is the 30th book by the author
It is a query that assumes many things, the worst being that we are somehow defined by what we do for a living. My answer, "I'm a restaurateur", usually gives way to a tumbleweed moment as I am stared at blankly. But sometimes people correct me... They will say "Don't you mean restauraNteur?"
Well, enough of book porn there! I was just describing the feeling I got when I found Mark Forsyth's Gemel edition of Etymologicon and Horologicon in the post. The sheer beauty of the binding and packaging with both books cosily inside a moss green box is enough to turn on a bookaholic!
I'll level with you: I'm on the fence somewhat. I'm very much of a mind that gratuitous swearing is best avoided. That's why it's gratuitous. Whilst I'm being honest, I may as well throw in that I spend a lot of time in pubs. Gratuitous swearing is rife in many pubs, which I'm sure will not be particularly shocking news to you.
'Spell It Out' is more than a reader-friendly, comprehensible and comprehensive story of the history and evolvement of English spelling - Professor Crystal gives practical advice in Teaching Appendix as well as throughout the book.
We don't know for sure if Andrew Mitchell called police officers plebs. According to reports in The Sun, the 56-year-old
Pasta, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. It’s a staple of every student’s kitchen, a raw material in children’s
Ever texted LOL when the news is sad? Do you wonder where you should place "innit" in a sentence, and whether it should be
App Translates Youth Speak