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Despite Theresa May's assertion that the EU rights that we take for granted will continue post Brexit, the EU Withdrawal Bill which is currently floundering through Parliament removes meaningful access to all EU human rights protection. Most significantly, the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights will not become part of UK law.
When considering Brexit negotiations, it is easy to fall into the trap of believing that these negotiations are taking place between two parties who want to achieve similar outcomes which, if possible, benefits both parties - a win/win situation.
The summer recess is upon us, and it is perhaps an opportune period for Parliament to wind down the rhetoric so the courts can adjudge on the legal pathways available. After all, the stakes are far too high for us to get it wrong since that would expose us to deep-pocket litigation let alone a real-time case of #Brexageddon!
I have been thinking what it might be like if the two opposing sides in the EU debate - Remain and the Brexiteers - were to be sitting on the sofa in my consulting rooms.
"Ultimate authority"; "Our priorities"; "Take back control". The heady words glitter on the "Vote Leave" pamphlet which dropped
This is no longer urgent. It is now an emergency! We have less than a week before the EU closes for Xmas! But all is not lost, I believe that together we can make a difference. This is what you can do:
It is entirely true that many would have welcomed a big political figure such as William Hague to lead for Britain in Brussels but the Prime Minister decided on a different approach - one with an outstanding precedent. Lord Hill may be unknown but so was Lord Cockfield, possibly one of the most effective British Commissioners.
Ukip and Nigel Farage have attacked and heckled Jean Claude Juncker, the new EU Commission president, as he addressed MEPs
David Cameron has warned fellow EU leaders of "consequences" if they press ahead with plans to nominate an arch-federalist
Over the weekend the official 10 Downing Street press machine told political editors that in 2004 the UK proposed Chris Patten as EU Commission President and when France objected Britain gracefully gave way...