EU economy

Admittedly, that is a slightly sensationalist statement, but let's look at the facts. Forget highly-charged diatribes about United Irelands or United Kingdoms. Forget histrionic republicanism, flag-waving unionism and arguments about terrorists and freedom fighters. Take bigotry, ideology, and romanticism out of it.
Britain will leapfrog Germany and France to be Europe's top economy within two decades, according to a new report. The think
Yesterday I spent the day in Brussels with the newly created Digital Champions from the EU member states. It was fantastic to walk into a room full of champions.
Is Europe about to embrace growth and job-creation, not austerity - and if so do the EU leaders who have been pushing austerity on the continent for the last two years or more know how to do that? And can they face down the financial markets if they do?
We still have hope that the politicians will get a grip in the nick of time. Yet it's time that is running out. Unless decisive action is taken within six months, the current economic and political trends could spell fatal trouble for Europe.