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Soundbites, speeches and ministers saying 'trust us' aren't enough when the stakes are this high. Our MPs need to do their jobs, stand up for our rights and back the People's Clause.
The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has decided that it is not an act of religious discrimination for an employer to ban an employee from wearing an Islamic headscarf at work provided that the employer has a "neutral dress" policy in place.
During the EU referendum campaign Boris Johnson, having thrown his considerable weight behind "Leave" gave a series of interviews and wrote a series of articles demonstrating a serious lack of understanding about how the EU works and how its laws operate.
The EU is far from perfect. I haven't been afraid to criticise it before, and I won't hesitate in the future. But on balance, the risks of leaving are far greater to working people than staying in. We need to build on the protections we have, not gamble them away.
As crowd-funded right-wing films go, Brexit the Movie isn't bad. It's slick, well-presented and looks pretty professional
Sorry Nigel but EU law will not prohibit a properly handled nationalisation of energy utilities.
Conservative and Ukip MEPs have reacted furiously to a court ruling allowing a Colombian woman whose family is British to
We're representing this cross-party backbench duo in their legal fightback against the Government over its scandalous Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act 2014 - "DRIP". But why does all this matter? What's the problem with DRIP anyway? And what's driving Liberty and two elected representatives from opposite sides of the House of Commons chamber to head for the courts to challenge it?
European students are costing UK taxpayers £38m in unpaid student loans, with those from countries such as Romania and Lithuania
In the wake of the EU Court's decision, Google is now faced with a few problems that not only call into question the principles behind the right to be forgotten but could also have possible damaging effects on its functionality as a search engine tool.