EU membership

Just suddenly, between the gathering crowds, a shaft of light. Some will think that Guy Verhofstadt's suggestion that British Nationals should be able to belong to the EU by paying an individual subscription, much like belonging to a club I suppose, is a good idea. Others will think that it is a bad idea. The important thing about it though is that it is an idea.
For months, Boris Johnson has loudly warned you about your best friends. Boris has told you that your best friends of over
This is an amazing chance for everyone, from either side of the debate, to have a say and send a strong message, to not only Europe but the whole world, about what the British people value the most. So I will be voting to remain in the European Union this June. I hope you use your principles to guide you and do the same.
While parties squabble among themselves, there remains one constant. Management accountants across the political spectrum are united in the opinion that remaining in the EU is vital to the long-term success of our businesses, economy and society.
I feel a great kinship with the 'hooves of mankind', who have earned a reputation for being sturdy, dependable, with a keen sense of curiosity. AND they have a great sense of judgment; apparently its very difficult to get a donkey to do something they reason isn't safe. Who knew?
Let us give sufficient space to understand what good has come from our membership, as well as where it has fallen short. Often it is all too easy to criticise than praise, to stray from facts into the fantastical. Let's make sure we give the Martian an honest debate.
The campaign to stay in can't be only about pounds, shillings and pence. This is a Battle for Britain's future. The good that comes from our EU membership could be so much better if the UK got stuck in; the bad is so much worse.
With Ukip shouting that the EU isn't worth a penny piece and only exit will end the Commission's stealth tax, nothing Osborne can do will outflank Nigel and Rochester will fall. Far better to press for budget reform and seek allies to make a muddled system fairer and clearer.
Scotland is part of the United Kingdom, and creating a new independent country of Scotland cannot be good for anybody as far as I can see. To me it's not just an economic argument, but one based on history; not squabbles over currency, interest rates and EU membership. It's far more fundamental than that.
The EU provides a platform for a confident, forward-looking Britain to take on the world. We should be striding forward into a world full of opportunity with our head held high. It's clear from the growing body of evidence that EU membership gives Britain a boost in an increasingly globalised world.